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Thomas County History Hunt!

july 21-September 6,2019

To Participate:

  1. Gather a team of up to 5 people and come up with a name.

  2. Print registration form and register your team at the museum or fill out the form below.

  3. Put your thinking caps on and try to figure out the location of each clue.

  4. Go to the location and take a selfie or photo of your team members at the site. The entire group is not required to visit each site. Be sure to include something in the photo that identifies the site.

  5. No trespassing on private property or other illegal activity!

  6. Send the photo to with your team name, the History Hunt item number, and location.

  7. All photographs must be submitted by September 6, 2019.

  8. A selection of photographs will be posted on Facebook and exhibited at the museum on September 21 during “Past to Present.”

  9. Points will be awarded for:

    1. Correct location

    2. Photographic quality

    3. Cleverness; re-enactments encouraged!

    4. Additional information or stories submitted

  10. Prizes for the top scoring teams will be presented at Past to Present on September 21.

  11. Have fun and learn some new things about the history in your own backyards

  12. Bonus locations are historical locations of the teams own choosing


Top scoring team: $250 to be divided among team members

2nd place team: Free TCHS family membership per team member

3rd place team: $10 Museum Mart gift certificate per team member

Week 3: Southwest thomas county

21. Its 1881 and you want to mail a letter at the Colby post office. Its not there any more, but you can leave a letter if you like.

22. There’s a sign where the old Soddy School District 22 use to sit.

23. There are all kinds of playas in this part of the county. Maybe you could have a beach party at one?

24. You’re late for school at Saline School #90!

25. Bring an apple for your teacher at Brownville School.

26. Get ready for a wild time at Brownville Dance Hall.

27. Verney Kear played Santa Claus for area kids for many years. Wear your best Santa hat or holiday sweater when you visit his grave.

28. In that same cemetery, find a Kear who was a WWI veteran.

29. There’s a Civil War vet there, too.

30. Another playa; time to go fishing?

Bonus: Team choice

*Look for clues each week on the Prairie Museum`s Facebook page and on the website

**There is also a book of resources available at the museum!