Enjoy the World-Class Kuska Collection, including over 28,000 dolls, furniture, clothing, quilts, toys, glass, ceramics, silver, souvenirs, household items, tools, musical instruments, coins, clocks, stamps, guns, minerals and art. 


Experience early prairie life in a sod house, a one-room school, a country church and a 1930s farmstead and other exhibits as you discover 24-acres of outdoor exhibits.


Located in Colby on Interstate-70 in between exits 53 and 54 on the high plains of Kansas, the Prairie Museum of Art and History is filled with hands-on activities, historical treasures and much more!



Distinguishing the Prairie Museum of Art & History as one of the finest museums in the Midwest

Joseph Kuska came to Colby, Kansas, in 1913 as an agronomist for the Colby branch experiment station of Kansas State College of Agriculture, which is now Kansas State University.

In 1917, he married Nellie McVey, a Colby schoolteacher originally from Hill City, Kansas. She spent her entire life collecting and was even given the opportunity to talk about her acquisitions and hobby on her own radio program. Her lifelong passion for collecting began at the age of seven when she received a bisque doll, made in 1887, in reward for learning her multiplication tables.

The couple continued to add to her collections and in 1957, Joe and Nellie moved to Lomita, California, and opened the Kuska Museum. They operated the museum until Nellie's death in 1973. The entire collection was later donated to the people of Thomas County, Kansas, in 1975 by the Kuska Foundation.

It took more than three of the largest moving vans to transport seventeen tons of artifacts from California to Colby. The Smithsonian and other experts appraised the collection at a value of more than one million dollars in 1975.

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