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Sons Daughters of the Soddies


The Sons and Daughters of the Soddies was a national association of people who were born in or lived in a sod house. Verney Kear, of Colby, Kan., started documenting soddy dwellers in 1955 and the society had membership in all 50 states and every province of Canada.

After completing a detailed survey, the soddy residents were issued colorful, personalized certificates. As its president, Verney kept all the stories, letters and photos of those who remembered soddy living.

Verney's great-nephew, Ronald Thiel, took a special interest in the association and continued to gather stories and photographs until his death in 2008. For the first time, this collection is available to research and investigate online. Although it is not yet a complete online catalog, Prairie Museum staff continue to update and add to it regularly.

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